About Haberdasher Labs

The roles listed here are for Haberdasher Labs, a legal entity (company) contributing to the development of Hats Protocol and its ecosystem. In these early days of the Hats ecosystem, we steward the protocol and related infrastructure and drive adoption of the protocol. As part of our commitment to decentralization, we are incubating the Hats protoDAO in preparation for stewardship of the protocol to eventually pass to the community at large.

Open Roles

Senior Client Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Client Engineer who is passionate about building at the edge of organization design and future tech to help us build amazing front end applications for users of Hats Protocol. This role involves collaborating with a diverse team to create highly secure, scalable, and user-friendly applications, optimizing web architectures, and leading initiatives such as code reviews and A/B testing. Candidates should bring 5+ years of frontend development experience, expertise in the web3 stack, and a strong ability to work both independently and collaboratively across time zones. This remote position offers competitive compensation and a significant opportunity for professional growth within a decentralized tech environment.