Hats protoDAO

Automating community onboarding and offboarding

Hats protoDAO is automating the onboarding of over 200 community members into its communication channels and workspaces via the Hats Community Member hat, with minimal operational oversight

Author: moreReese

Hats protoDAO is a pre-DAO laying the groundwork for a decentralized and autonomous organization that will govern the Hats Protocol commons for decades to come. Its purpose is twofold:

  1. Create and steward the best possible organizational primitive for roles
  2. Explore and curate the vast design space of how to use Hats protocol to solve real problems

By dogfooding Hats Protocol, the protoDAO is building foundational components to establish valuable connections between members of the Hats ecosystem, develop new functionality around the protocol, and govern the Hats commons. While Hats protoDAO is actively dogfooding and experimenting with Hats Protocol in many ways, this case study focuses on a foundational component that is particularly salient and applicable to all DAOs: simplifying onboarding and offboarding for community members and contributors.

The Hats protoDAO Hats tree defines three different types of participation: Community Member, Contributor, and Steward, each with their own set of permissions provided to wearers via their hats. Explore the Hats protoDAO tree here: https://app.hatsprotocol.xyz/trees/10/1


When it comes to community onboarding, DAO operators often face tensions between design and implementation. Due to lack of tooling, know-how, or resources, they struggle to translate user onboarding processes into applications or interfaces that are not only user-friendly and context-rich but also integrate with the DAO as it exists onchain.

DAOs that try to solve this problem programmatically tend to create user onboarding experiences that are clunky, confusing, and fraught with friction. Recognizing this, DAOs that don’t want to sacrifice onboarding experience quality for onchain integrity must allocate valuable resources, namely in the form of contributor time and attention, to create high-touch onboarding experiences.


Hats simplifies the user onboarding experience without compromising onchain integrity or requiring high-touch contributions from members. Moreover, the structure that underpins the onboarding process is extended to enable users to accumulate reputation and move into higher contribution zones within the protoDAO.

With the onboarding mini-app, anyone can become a Hats protoDAO Community Member in seconds. Onboarding is self-service, intuitive, permissionless, and onchain. Users can onboard in three steps: 

  1. Visit the onboarding mini-app to view the Hats Community Agreements & Code of Conduct
  2. Claim Hats Community Member Hat by signing the Community Agreements & Code of Conduct via an onchain transaction
  3. Join the Hats Community Telegram channel via a hat-gated invite link that appears after you’ve claimed your hat
A look at the hat-claiming mini app automatically generated by adding an agreement eligibility module to a given hat

When the user executes the signature transaction, Hats Protocol creates an onchain transaction that verifies agreement with the Community Agreements & Code of Conduct and automatically mints a Hats Community Member Hat to the user’s wallet. Once claimed, the user assumes the Community Member role in the protoDAO Hats Tree

This hat gives them access to a number of token-gated tools and platforms, accessible directly from the hat, that allows the user to participate in protoDAO governance and community discussion. This includes the Community Telegram, Wiki (Charmverse), Forum, Snapshot voting power, and JokeRace voting power. 

Additionally, Community Members can begin making contributions to accumulate protoREP, non-transferable onchain points for building reputation within the Hats Protocol ecosystem via the protoDAO. As users accumulate protoREP they become eligible for protoDAO roles that connote additional rights, responsibilities, and authorities within the protoDAO. 

For example, Hats Community Members making active contributions can become Hats Contributors. Hats Contributors who wish to play a more active role in governance can become Hats Stewards wherein protoREP is automatically converted to protoVotes, giving Stewards the right to create, vote on, and execute proposals within the Hats protoDAO Moloch v3 contract. This opens the door to additional roles and responsibilities, such as the ability to curate the Hats Modules Registry.

Hats also simplifies member offboarding, making it easy to revoke or deactivate hats manually or automatically based on predefined eligibility criteria, thereby instantly revoking the permissions associated with those hats. 


Hats protoDAO will continue to dogfood Hats Protocol in as many ways as we can think of. 

Up next? Using the Hats Farcaster Delegator to grant Farcaster posting permissions in the Hats Intern Farcaster account via the Hats Intern Caster hat, which members can claim if they fulfill its eligibility criteria, including 1) wearing a Steward hat and 2) staking a minimum amount of ETH to increase accountability. 

If you’re interested in using Hats to simplify your community’s onboarding and offboarding experience or exploring the Hats Farcaster Delegator, contact us here for a demo.

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