Enabling community participation in delegate governance

TreasureDAO is giving more voice to its community through a Hats-powered council that can represent TreasureDAO in Arbitrum governance and vote with delegated $ARB in a safe and secure way

Treasure is building the “decentralized game console” on Arbitrum to power next gen gaming onchain. As a highly active participant in the Arbitrum ecosystem, TreasureDAO is one of the largest delegates in the Arbitrum DAO, with their main treasury multisig receiving many vote delegations from $ARB token holders. At the date of publishing, TreasureDAO is the second largest delegate by voting power in the Arbitrum DAO.

Hats, in partnership with Gnosis Guild, enables TreasureDAO to give more voice to its community through the formation of an Arbitrum Council (ARC) consisting of its community members. ARC members, called ARC Liaisons, are now able to represent TreasureDAO in Arbitrum governance and vote with the delegated $ARB in a safe and secure way, both via onchain votes in the Arbitrum Governor (via Tally) and offchain signaling in Arbitrum’s Snapshot space.

Explore the TreasureDAO Hats tree here:


TreasureDAO is one of the largest delegates in the Arbitrum DAO. All $ARB tokens delegated to Treasure are held by a TreasureDAO multisig controlled by the Treasure core council.

Treasure’s core council was seeking a way to enable ARC Liaisons to vote in the Arbitrum DAO with the votes that have been delegated to the Treasure multisig. As redelegation is not currently possible, one available approach to accomplish this goal was to add the Liaisons as signers on their main treasury and increase the voting threshold accordingly. However, this would have introduced serious security concerns, provided a subpar governance experience for Liaisons and core council members alike, and led to a lack of clarity on who was a Liaison and who was a member of the core council. Thus, an alternative solution was required.


Hats, in conjunction with a Zodiac Roles mod, provided a well-crafted solution that gave TreasureDAO the ability to safely delegate permissions to the ARC Liaisons, enabling them to execute very specific transactions as the TreasureDAO multisig, including:

  • Voting onchain as TreasureDAO in the Arbitrum DAO governor contracts
  • Voting offchain in the Arbitrum snapshot space
The Arbitrum Representation Council (ARC) has been granted the authority via Hats to vote on Arbitrum Core proposals, Arbitrum Treasury proposals, and in the Arbitrum DAO Snapshot space. See the ARC hat here:

Hats gave TreasureDAO a way to easily grant, revoke, and transfer signing authority on the ARC multisig to designated Liaisons, using Hats Signer Gate. In other words, Hats provided a DAO-controlled multisig for which signing authority could be delegated and revoked, ensuring the right addresses have the right permissions under the right conditions — all visible onchain in a transparent UI. 

The ARC multisig itself was created via the Hats Signer Gate Factory, which makes deploying new Hats-connected safes simple.

Gnosis Guild’s Zodiac Roles mod gave the ARC multisig the ability to execute very specific transactions via the TreasureDAO treasury.

Addresses wearing the ARC Liaison hat can claim signing authority on the ARC multisig via the Hats UI, while seeing the responsibilities of that role. Liaisons will subsequently lose multisig signing authority the instant their hat is revoked, transferred, or deactivated by the DAO.


A logical next step for TreasureDAO is to make the ARC Liaison position an elected role using the Hats Election Eligibility Module, giving more power to the community to determine its liaisons and removing the need for a trusted intermediary to delegate and revoke ARC multisig signing authority to Liaisons. 

With a Hats Election Eligibility Module, only the winners of the election would be eligible to wear the ARC Liaison hat and claim signing authority on the ARC multisig. Those hats would then be automatically deactivated at the end of the election term, immediately disabling multisig signing authority with it and ensuring that there is no lame-duck period for multisig signers.

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